Hotel Pension Villa Elisa
They come as strangers and leave as friends ...
no matter why you come to Paraguay, as tourists or expatriates.
We welcome you to our website and hope you enjoy browsing through our site. We would also pleased to welcome you as our guest.
If you have questions about our services or prices, please do not hesitate and just contact us.
Whatever you may therefore be expected in the "new world" to rush, impressions and experiences well-be sure, here you will find peace, comfort and safety.
Instead of impersonal hotel atmosphere, we offer a friendly climate and go specifically to your wishes.
No one forces itself on you, nobody wants to sell something or give you and yet we are - whenever you want it - to listen to your questions and can give you competent answers.
Rooms can be a daily, weekly rent, monthly, or longer.

Pension Hotel
Our beautiful inn is located about 5 km from the capital Asuncion in Villa Elisa.
So the ideal place for your holidays, your starting a new life, or just learn to know only about the country!
Here you live without a smog capital and is the same but in the capital. In 80 meters distance buses to the city center.
The fastest way to learn the everyday life at the source, do not know in large hotels, is locked out during your "All Inclusive" vacation the negative. You can not see.
Who wants to live here should learn quickly what to expect later on, both positive and negative.
In Paraguay, works much differently than in Germany.



About me
Harald Schmitz
Birthday: 12/30/1962
Birthplace: Bayreuth
Location: Villa Elisa
Hobby: Sport Shooting
Favorite drink: according to time and temperature
Favorite Food: Asado (Grilled)
Favorite Country: Paraguay

History of the project
A few years back when I wanted to do a South America trip, I was immediately criticized:
"No way, you can not speak Spanish and that also single, because it steals from you."
Nevertheless, I made the trip and have not looked back.
Now I live here in the heart of South America and so brought this project.

I Lived in Germany
As a toolmaker, I specialize in CNC milling. Suddenly brought an occupational disease (allergy) messed my life. After several work attempts, with protective creams, gloves, it was clear that I can never again exercise the profession.
In middle age is not a good message.
Thank God that I had provided with a private disability insurance and were therefore more possibilities to choose from. Since there are other physical disabilities became noticeable, I dropped out of engineering school. Before that I had sold my house with big losses in Germany and was therefore not bound to Germany.
From the legal regulations in Germany, I was very disappointed, and reminded me of my holiday Paraguay, then I could sleep for 15 years finally free of pain on his back.
So for me nothing was in Germany and I moved my residence to Paraguay in 2008. One more important note: No financial support is not something advisable. I've seen people who thought to quickly find a well-paid work in Paraguay and were therefore without much money, but Ruckzuck shattered the dream.


My current life in Paraguay
I live in Villa Elisa, a suburb of Asuncion, so I can use the infrastructure of Asuncion and pay less taxes and there.
I know other parts of Paraguay, as the German colony Independencia or very remote areas like Alto Paraguay, where it is hundreds of miles from the nearest gas station or ATM away.
I too am in a Paraguayan club member.
Since I have a big house with swimming pool, I rent 2 double rooms.
For standard level I would mainly provide personalized service at moderate prices. Who lives in a big hotel, probably has better equipment if he does not just Franz Beckenbauer is, one will not invest much time into it.
Paraguay is not a tourist destination and to the airport to get on with little English. But what is missing most visitors are Spanish skills. The laws and customs are different from Germany.
So I want my guests to bring life in Paraguay in more detail, identify the advantages and disadvantages of Paraguay, shopping tips and give warning of dangers.
Which there is unfortunately on the Paraguayan side and from Germans who take advantage of it when you can not Spanish and local laws incorrectly. A German who lives in Villa Elisa is fast from a German and an Austrian were excluded as a goose. If you want to live in the future maybe here it is good if you live in a neighborhood among locals, so you get to know quickly the country. If I have to do something to my guests with me, of course, taking impressions and about everyday life. I could have saved much money in my early days in Paraguay, if I had the same expertly Hispanic or my friends very much time had sacrificed for me.
I think that's enough time for now.
Another important note:
Since I have enormous health problems in cold weather, I can offer in the winter months from late May to late September, unfortunately, no service and guest house.

Prices and services
Two comfortably furnished double room with double bed (1.6 * 2), wardrobe, fan and air conditioning (hot / cold).
A bathroom with shower and toilet.
Cooking and barbecue
The price is per person per night including breakfast
13 €
Payment in € or Guaranies
(For long-term guests, we offer discounted prices. This can be supplied on request with! Special arrangements on request.)
Here the customer has the choice:
From self-catering to full board anything is possible. There are restaurants within 800 meters, but also visits to the capital are possible. Even white sausage breakfast with a German wheat is feasible for pre-order.
Other prices:
Cell Phone Rental / 6.000 .- per day Guaranies + consumption (from 10,000 .- Guaranies)
Laundry service, ironing with 30.000 .- Guaranies
Airport Service Guaranies 80.000 .- (from a week's stay for free)
Day trips by air-conditioned Toyota provide translation services on request and expense
· Pool use
• The benefit of living room (TV and DVD) and a large covered terrace with barbecue
· Internet on request
· Free mediation of the German services (immigration assistant, Verzollungsunternehmen, broker)
• Purchasing a large supermarket, including translation service (at least weekly)
· Final cleaning
· Currency exchange service or at ATMs
· Safe for valuables
· Accompanying opportunity for everyday things (shopping, visits to the authorities, bank and also in a Paraguayan club)
· Booking of intercity buses
· Help with travel plans and contact information throughout Paraguay
· Towels and bath towels
· Mineral water as much as you want
Prices shown are valid until 31/12/2010
I have not been employed, but in case of need are gardeners, cleaners, drivers, interpreters and craftsmen available.
For completeness, I assume no liability
© 2010 - Pension Hotel Villa Elisa
PS Much more is possible, please ask.


Please book early as the hotel is working with tour operators, bookings must be forwarded in advance. For reservations to 31.12.2010, the price remains the same in the new year, otherwise from 1.1.2011, the new price is valid from per person / night including breakfast 15 €.

Confirmation: At least 24 hours of receipt of the reservation you will receive a booking confirmation by email. Except in case of failure of the Internet.

What conditions apply for cancellations?

Canceled or modified up to 3 days before the date of arrival will be charged.

Late cancellations, reservation changes or adults are charged 10% of all nights.


Why do holidays in Paraguay?
Theme of holidays
· Are fully familiar learning holiday (Immigration and save on taxes)
· Taster Holiday
· Adventure Holidays (untouched nature and dangerous animals)
· Health holidays (dentures and cosmetic surgery are much cheaper)
· Recreation Holiday
• Family Vacation
· Golf Vacation
· Culture & Tours (World Heritage Site, waterfalls, animal diversity)
· Romantic Holidays
· Single vacation
· Sports & activities (horseback riding, etc.)
· Cities Travel
· Hiking and climbing holidays
Or simply escape from the bad weather ?

General tips

Flight: Unfortunately, the flights are not cheap, you should always book early, otherwise all cheap flights fully booked and has long waiting times for stopovers.


Car Hire - Car Rental - Car - rent a car:
During your stay in Paraguay, you want to be mobile, be it as a tourist to destinations outside of the offer of the tour operators to drive or to be independent of taxis.
With the international driver's license that is allowed. Rental cars are available at the airport, but I advise against Paraguay newbies for good reasons.

Comfortable coaches are available at reasonable prices, and internationally. Those who do not like this, can fly to his or her goals.


The immigration laws are among the lightest in the world.
But whether Paraguay is the right country to emigrate, one can not decide from home on the PC. You should at least once visited Paraguay and traveled the country and meeting new people, look at all the interesting places and it can be advantageous for a few weeks go well.

Unfortunately, cavort in Paraguay many black sheep among both German and among the locals! For them, a German newcomer is a godsend, especially if he does not speak Spanish and has no idea of the laws here.
The tricks that you work are known to me and last for a long book chapter, so nothing about it.

Where to live in Paraguay?
Everyone has their own ideas of his dream life, not everyone has the same share capital, so this question not easily answered.
The Greater Asuncion offers the best infrastructure, even if you later want to live where else in Paraguay, I recommend living here about 2 weeks for immigration formalities. Asuncion is the capital of Paraguay. Living here for nearly a third of the Paraguayan population. The city lies on the Rio Paraguay and has a deep-water port, which ensures easy access to other destinations along the River. Even within the city there is a good infrastructure with regular bus connections to all parts of the city.

Good medical care is in the greater Asuncion in private clinics. Different insurance companies offer cheap insurance models.
- Good German-language private schools are available.
Not everyone's cup of tea are very remote areas like Alto Paraguay, where it is hundreds of miles from the nearest gas station or ATM away. Here the basic costs almost nothing, but a house is not there also cheaper, because all of the material to be delivered over long distances by ship.
In other areas such as central Paraguay, there is not much because of poor infrastructure, be as much German from far more money for frequent travel, as they save when buying land. Therefore, only interesting if one is crop or enthusiastic rider.
Thus, outside of central Paraguay really only the colonies of immigrants is important.
Extreme example, to advise against San Pedro, where live the poorest of the poor and the crime, such as land occupations are very common.


Reasons for emigrating!
They are still undecided and do not really know whether it is the right path for you? Then we have a few good reasons that could help you with your decision!
Because you just do not like the weather!
Because you can live wherever you want!
Because you have not prescribed anything else, but must decide for himself!
Because you do not live to work, but work to live!
Because you are tired of constantly auszulöffeln the soup for another!
Because you are no longer willing to participate in a system where you seem to be only a worker drone!
Elsewhere because service is still very important!
Because you deny somewhere else for a living with the can, what you can or like to do and not with what you hold a certificate in hand!
Because you notice how the quality of life diminishes!
Are you a Emigrating?  A few questions you should answer yourself!
• Are you happy with the situation in your country?
• You are of the opinion that you have plenty of opportunities for you and your children?
• You are willing to work harder and harder for your goals, than now?
• You are willing also to live with simpler conditions than now?
• Are you able to approach an open mind to other people?
• You feel really free or are you more the feeling of being patronized always and everywhere?
· Can you imagine working under worse conditions than before?
• You can imagine, speaking mostly in a different language?
• You can imagine living day in and day out with strange customs and traditions?
• You can imagine, without a safety net (unemployment benefits, social assistance, etc.) to live
More and more German emigrate annually. According to statistics, last year there were 161,105 Germans. But from 2006 to 2007 returned 40 percent more German her home back.